Bergman Fighting Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

Rep. Jack Bergman recently cosponsored legislation aimed at preventing the Department of Labor from instituting a nationwide vaccine mandate for all businesses with more than 100 employees. OSHA issued this mandate – affecting 84 million workers – through an “Emergency Temporary Standard.” This rarely-used process allows OSHA to completely bypass the comment period that normally allows the American public to weigh in on proposed regulations.

Rep. Bergman issued the following statement:

"While OSHA plays a role in promoting workplace safety, this vaccine requirement goes far beyond the scope of its authority given by Congress. The federal government has never imposed a general vaccine mandate, and Congress has never given authorization for unelected government bureaucrats to unilaterally impose one. As the mandates announced last week face legal challenges, Congress must act now to prevent these overreaching mandates from going into effect. Thousands of businesses will face unfair penalties and millions of workers could have their livelihoods threatened for no other reason than exercising their right to make their own healthcare choices."


H.R. 5811 - the No Vaccine Mandate Act, would prohibit funds from going towards the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate. Specifically, the legislation states that NONE of the funds in the FY22 Labor-HHS appropriations bill may be used to develop, implement, administer, or enforce any rule that requires COVID-19 vaccination. 

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