Bergman: Democrats So-Called Infrastructure Bill Destructive For Michigan

While speaking on the House floor on Tuesday, Rep. Jack Bergman defended his constituents and urged his fellow colleagues to oppose Democrats' $5.5 trillion spending spree spearheaded by the upcoming “infrastructure” bill.

"I want to expose for my constituents the real truth about the so-called infrastructure portion of the Democrats' destructive $5.5 trillion package. You can read for yourself in the bill that only a fraction of the funds go to roads, bridges, broadband, and other things people outside the swamp would generally consider infrastructure," Bergman said.

"More importantly, I'm asking you to read between the lines to understand that this package will stretch the long intrusive arm of the federal government into your life, more than ever before. Your energy bills, your taxes, your job, your nation's borders, your economic freedom.

"As your Representative, I can't let this happen and I urge my colleagues to oppose this bill."

You can see Rep. Bergman's comments here: Bergman Infrastructure Speech - YouTube

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