Bergman Continues Effort to Keep America Safe Against Iran

Rep. Jack Bergman joined RSC Chairman Jim Banks in introducing the Maximum Pressure Act, one of the strongest Iran sanction bills ever proposed by Congress. Since taking office in 2017, Rep. Bergman has urged both the Trump and Biden Administration's to continue pressure against Iran to counter its aggressive actions against the United States, Israel, and all of our Allies.

The legislation would codify sanctions issued by President Trump and would prohibit the lifting of sanctions unless Iran has met specific requirements, such as abandoning its nuclear activities, releasing US citizens currently being held in Iran, ending support for terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Hamas, and withdrawing Iranian forces throughout Syria. The Maximum Pressure Act would also instate strong congressional oversight of any efforts to rejoin the JCPOA or lift sanctions.

Rep. Bergman stated, "It's imperative President Biden and his Administration avoid making the mistakes of the past when it comes to Iranian aggression and support for terrorists. We must be vigilant, and safeguard our Nation and Allies against failed foreign policies - many of which we have rightfully reversed over the past four years. I'm proud to join Chairman Banks and my other colleagues in applying the maximum pressure against Iran."

Additional cosponsors of the legislation include:

Reps. Wilson, Johnson, Scalise, Norman, Rouzer, Joyce, LaMalfa, Jacobs, Armstrong, Tiffany, Tenney, Good, Lesko, Harshbarger, Babin, Timmons, Hill, Gooden, Herrell, Wittman, Carter, McClain, Fulcher, Pfluger, Weber, Steube, Johnson, Turner, Reschenthaler, Aderholt, Scott, LaTurner, Gonzales, Steil, Lamborn, Cawthorn, Walorski, Jackson, Arrington, Cammack, Wenstrup, Gosar, Bishop, Garcia, Carl, Barr, Loudermilk, Hudson, Hern, Hartzler, Budd, Gibbs, Bacon, Brady, Bergman, Grothman, Fallon, Williams, Higgins, McClintock, Blake Moore, Owens, Waltz, Mann, LaHood, Smucker, Mullin, Chabot, Franklin, Fischbach, Fitzgerald, Palmer, Stauber, Malliotakis, Feenstra, Latta, Roy, Palazzo, Cheney, Duncan, Burgess, Huizenga, Hagedorn, Baird, and Meuser.

Since 2017, Rep Bergman has supported policies and legislation related to countering Iran, including:

H.Res.157 (117th Congress)
A resolution to oppose the lifting of Iranian sanctions without addressing the full scope of Iran's malign activities, including its nuclear program, ballistic and cruise missile capabilities, weapons proliferation, support for terrorism, hostage-taking, gross human rights violations, and other destabilizing activities.

H.R.1479- Iran Nuclear Deal Advice and Consent Act (117th Congress)

To prohibit the use of federal funds to rejoin the JCPOA unless the President submits to Congress the commitment to submitting any JCPOA successor agreement to the Senate for advise and consent as a treaty rather than as an international agreement.

H.R. 1203- The Iran Nuclear Verification Act (117th Congress)

To prevent the Biden Administration from rejoining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) unless Iran allows the United Nations nuclear inspectors full access to all of Iran’s nuclear facilities; and that UN nuclear inspectors have finalized a comprehensive report on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Letter to President Joe Biden Expressing concern with Efforts to Rejoin the JCPOA (117th Congress)
This letter expressed that we must all learn from the lessons of the past and ensure that any future nuclear agreement signed between the US and Iran is binding, sustainable, verifiable, and supported by our regional allies. We must not be naive, desperate or weak in how we move forward.

Letter to President Joe Biden Expressing Commitment to Israel and Concern about the U.S. Re-entering the JCPOA  (117th Congress)
This Letter expressed deep concern with consideration to ease sanctions on Iran, rejoin the JCPOA, and appeasing the Iranian Government.

Letter to President Donald Trump on Iran Sanctions (116th Congress)
This letter expressed support for continued pressure against Iran to continue dismantling The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The letter also calls for renewed pressure from the US and international community to sanction Iran’s nuclear program.

H.R. 1698: Iran Ballistic Missiles and International Sanctions Enforcement Act (115th Congress)
To state that it is US policy to prevent Iran from undertaking any activity related to nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. And would require the President to impose sanctions against (1) Iranian government agencies involved in ballistic missile development; (2) foreign entities that supply material for, or otherwise facilitate or finance, such efforts; (3) foreign persons or foreign government agencies that import, export, or re-export prohibited arms or related material to or from Iran; and (4) foreign persons or entities that transfer goods or technologies contributing to Iran's ability to acquire or develop ballistic missiles, including launch technology, and destabilizing numbers and types of advanced conventional weapons.

H.Res. 785 (115th Congress)
Expressing support for (1) U.S.-Israel cooperation to counter Iran's destabilizing activities, (2) enhancing Israel's deterrence capabilities, (3) including Israel in the first tier of countries receiving strategic trade authorization, and (4) the U.S. declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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