Bergman Introduces Essential Worker Tax Break

Today, Rep. Jack Bergman introduced the Essential Worker Tax Parity Act. 

This legislation would provide a $10,200 tax exclusion to all Americans making under $150,000 who file 2020 taxes – supporting our workers, while correcting an extreme oversight included in the partisan stimulus bill signed into law last month.

The American Rescue Plan Act gave a $10,200 tax deduction to individuals who lost their job over the past year and claimed unemployment. However, no such tax break was given to Americans who continued to work through the pandemic and kept our economy functioning.

Rep. Bergman issued the following statement:

"Our essential workers have put themselves in harm’s way as they continue to provide services throughout the pandemic. Local grocery store clerks, farmers, restaurant staff, nurses, emergency service personnel, truck drivers, and all workers who carried the economy on their backs deserve this tax break now more than ever. 

"The Essential Worker Tax Parity Act would provide the $10,200 tax exclusion to all Americans who file 2020 taxes, correcting the partisan failure and oversight that was passed into law earlier this year."

Read the full legislation here.

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