Bergman Addresses Immigration Crisis on our Southern Border

Today, Rep. Bergman announced legislation he supported and actions he has taken recently to address the crisis at our Nation’s southern border and issued the following statement:

“Without a doubt, President Biden has invited the ongoing crisis at the southern border. While our current immigration system is already broken and requires reform, this Administration – in both word and action – has allowed the situation to rapidly deteriorate. It’s imperative that the border wall construction underway be completed with funds we have authorized in Congress, and that all options remain on the table to secure our borders.”

In February, as illegal border crossings began to surge, Rep. Bergman joined his colleagues in urging President Biden to take swift action. Specifically, the letters called out President Biden’s politicization of the issue, from his expressed open border sentiments to executive actions halting new border infrastructure construction, hindering enforcement within the interior, and stopping deportations for 100 days. Additionally, Rep. Bergman raised concern about the impact of President Biden’s immigration polices on our Nation’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the letters here and here.

Rep. Bergman has also recently cosponsored legislation to address the current crisis and some of its root causes, including H.R.88 - the BUILD WALL Act of 2021, which would use assets seized from Mexican cartels to build further border security infrastructure as well as H.R. 894 – No Tax Breaks for Sanctuary Cities Act to revoke the tax exemption for bonds issued by jurisdictions which refuse to comply with immigration enforcement.

Furthermore, Rep. Bergman cosponsored H.R.1901 – Fix Immigration Loopholes Act, which would both disincentivize illegal immigration by increasing the integrity of our Nation’s asylum process and also protect children from becoming human trafficking victims by ensuring they are processed efficiently to be quickly and safely returned home and only released to a parent or legal guardian.

In 2019, Rep. Bergman supported an additional $1.9 billion for border wall and security funding.

In March 2019, Rep. Bergman stated, ”The number one role of Congress is to provide for the common defense of our citizens. This very duty demands a secure border where we can appropriately identify those entering. We must continue to be a welcoming nation, but we are a nation of law and order. Let’s get serious about the work ahead of us: secure our borders and protect our citizens.”

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