Bergman Supports Legislation Protecting Those with Pre-Existing Conditions

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Washington, February 9, 2021 | comments
Last week, Rep. Jack Bergman joined the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Ranking Member, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, in introducing H.R. 892, the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act of 2021 – a bill to guarantee protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.

This legislation would ensure three key protections for those with pre-existing conditions: guaranteed access to health insurance coverage, a ban on limiting or denying employee benefits, and a prohibition on raising premiums based on pre-existing conditions. By specifically outlining these protections, H.R. 892 would help create a strong foundation for future health reform legislation.

Following the bill’s introduction, Rep. Bergman said: “Promoting access to affordable, quality healthcare has been one of my biggest priorities in Congress. Whether it’s expanding coverage for telehealth services, banning surprise medical billing, or providing emergency funding to health providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have worked to be a voice for Michigan patients and providers. While this is only one part of our efforts to create an effective health care system for all Americans, I am proud to join in support of this continued commitment to ensure protections for pre-existing conditions are upheld for future generations.”

H.R. 892 is also designed so these important safeguards would be protected even if future legislation or court decisions alter provisions under the Affordable Care Act. To view the bill in its entirety, click HERE.
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