Bergman Supports $2000 Stimulus Bill

Today, I supported a measure requested specifically by President Trump to provide $2000 impact payments directly to constituents of the First District.
Our neighbors are hurting financially as state rules and mandates have shuttered businesses and shattered the livelihoods of so many. While we know the answer to so many of our problems will be resolved if our state gets out of the way and lets our workers safely get back to work, much of the damage already done is irreparable. This additional support will help our communities through the winter months, which are already a trying time in the First District.
One of the biggest failures of last week’s COVID relief bill was providing only $600 per person. President Trump was right to demand Congressional leadership step up and provide much needed relief to the people. This is a good next step and I was proud to stand up for my constituents and support this bill.

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