Congressman Bergman, House Budget Committee Release Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution

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Washington, July 18, 2017 | Amelia Burns (202-309-4654) | comments

Today, Congressman Jack Bergman and the House Budget Committee released its Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution: “Building a Better America – A Plan for Fiscal Responsibility.” This plan will help our country get back on track by balancing the budget, promoting job creation, strengthening our national security, improving health care for all Americans, returning power back to the states, and bringing accountability to the federal government.

Congressman Jack Bergman issued the following statement:

“I am proud to stand alongside my colleagues on the House Budget Committee to introduce the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget proposal. For the past eight years, the budget has only been a vision. With President Trump in office, now is the time for action. This is a plan to balance the budget, kick off economic growth, secure our national defense, give power back to the states, and hold DC accountable.

“In years past, big government has been an obstacle to economic growth. This budget will reverse that bad leadership with a combination of pro-growth policies, including comprehensive tax reform, welfare reform, healthcare and regulatory reform.

“If Americans have to make tough choices with their budgets, then Congress should too. This resolution provides a plan for action towards a balanced budget in 10 years, without raising taxes, and places the government on a sustainable fiscal path for the long term. The national debt is a hurdle to greater prosperity for Americans and a threat to the security of future generations. This budget significantly reduces spending and reforms government programs to put us on a common sense spending path.”

Click here to read the plan.
Click here to read a one-page summary.
Click here for questions-and-answers.
Click here to view the chart deck.


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