Bergman's Veteran Suicide Initiative Passes Senate VA Committee

Today, the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs unanimously passed an amended version of Congressman Bergman's IMPROVE Well-Being for Veterans Act, which would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to work with community partners on reaching and serving local Veterans at risk of suicide. The Senate bill expands the bipartisan IMPROVE Act to include provisions that will enhance community partners’ coordination with the VA and ability to treat Veterans in crisis with immediate care.

Congressman Jack Bergman issued the following statement:

"I'm thankful that the Senate VA Committee unanimously passed the amended IMPROVE Act today. I introduced this bill in the House to address the suicide crisis faced by our Veteran community and fundamentally enhance coordination and planning of Veterans mental health and suicide prevention services throughout the country. More than 20 Veterans and Servicemembers a day take their own lives - it's far past time for Congress to do what is right by those who have sacrificed so much for our nation. It is my hope to see this legislation make it to President Trump’s desk and get signed in to law.”

Earlier today, Rep. Bergman discussed the importance of caring for Veterans in crisis, and the need to pass the IMPROVE Act, as a way to better serve our Veterans both in and out of the VA system.

You can watch Rep. Bergman’s questions HERE.

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