Legislation Focused on Curbing the Opioid Crisis Passes U.S. House

Washington - Congressman Jack Bergman released the following statement after the House passed over 30 bills aimed at combatting the opioid crisis:

"The opioid epidemic has ravaged our nation, claiming over 2 million lives and tearing apart families. Since taking office, I've been committed to confronting this problem head on and have met with healthcare providers, law enforcement officials, addiction counselors, Veteran's Service Organizations, social workers, and those struggling with addiction to address this multi-faceted issue," said Rep. Bergman.

Bergman continued, "This week the House passed important legislation addressing the opioid epidemic. From stopping illicit drugs from entering the country to establishing opioid recovery centers, the 115th Congress is committed to ending this crisis and finding bipartisan solutions to help those fighting addiction." 

Among the bills passed this week:

H.R. 5009 – Jessie’s Law - To ensure medical professionals have access to a consenting patient’s complete health history when making treatment decisions.

H.R. 4275 – Empowering Pharmacists in the Fight Against Opioid Abuse Act - To provide better training and materials to help pharmacists detect fraudulent prescriptions.

H.R. 5752 – Stop Illicit Drug Importation Act of 2018 
- To strengthen the FDA’s ability to intercept illegal drugs from entering the U.S.

H.R. 5327 – Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Centers Act of 2018
- To establish Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Centers (CORCs) to serve as models for comprehensive treatment and recovery within our communities

H.R. 4635 –The Peer-2-Peer Counseling Act  - To increase female peer counselors at the VA to better support female veterans.

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