Bergman Votes to Streamline FAA, Authorize For 5 Years

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Washington, April 27, 2018 | comments
Washington - Today, Congressman Jack Bergman voted to pass the bipartisan FAA Reauthorization Act (H.R. 4). 

"As a retired Union commercial airline pilot, I know the critical role that the FAA plays in our public safety. Today's vote to authorize the FAA until FY 2023 is important as we seek to streamline and effectively run these critical government entities. Additionally, H.R. 4 reauthorizes the Essential Air Service (EAS) for 5 years. EAS funding is critical for six of Michigan’s First District rural airports and I will continue my work to preserve this program," said Bergman. 

In addition to funding the FAA, H.R. 4:
  • Streamlines the FAA certification process, ensuring U.S. companies can compete globally and get their products to market on time;
  • Includes safety provisions to protect the traveling public;
  • Includes provisions to address the passenger experience, strengthen consumer protection laws, and maintain the Department of Transportation’s oversight of aviation consumer issues;
  • Increases and fully authorizes the Airport Improvement Program, which funds construction of critical infrastructure at airports of all sizes to ensure the long-term sustainability of airports across the country including smaller communities; 
  • Provides the FAA with a number of tools, methods, and strategies to mitigate the impact of airport noise and the communities neighboring airports;
  • Advances drone technologies to the next step in safe unmanned aircraft system (UAS) integration;
  • Includes the Disaster Recovery Reform Act which:
    • Reforms FEMA and the Stafford Act by ensuring that a percentage of assistance provided in the wake of disasters is invested in predisaster hazard mitigation so that states, tribal, and local governments can pre-empt the damage and distress that results from disasters 
    • Clarifies what may be eligible for mitigation funding, making sure investments are cost effective and reduce risk
    • Speeds recovery by creating efficiencies in FEMA’s programs such as getting structures inspected faster
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