Congressman Jack Bergman, Released the Following Statement After the Unveiling of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

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Washington, November 2, 2017 | comments


“Today’s release of the House’s tax reform plan is great news for all hard-working Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides much needed tax relief for the First District’ssmall businesses and families. Eliminating special interest loopholes, increasing the standard deduction, and establishing an expanded Child Tax Credit are just a few ways that this bill will help put money back into the pockets of working Americans.

“Here’s the bottom line – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowers tax rates so that job creators have money to expand their business, hire more workers, and invest in their communities.Small business is the life-blood of Michigan’s First District, and this legislation makes our tax code simpler and fairer for them to create new jobs in our area. It’s time to enact policies that put American jobs and workers first. There is still a long way to go to ensure that tax reform is done right, and I look forward to working on behalf of Michigan’s First District to put Tax Reform on the President’s desk.”


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