Bergman-Backed Reforms Pass House, Will Improve Healthcare Costs and Transparency

Last night, Representative Bergman joined with his colleagues to pass a package of bipartisan health reforms through the House which enhance price transparency, decrease costs in healthcare, extend critical healthcare programs, and increase access to health information for patients. The broad bipartisan support that H.R. 5378 received was a resounding message of commitment to rural healthcare systems across the country, especially in Michigan’s First District, which has more than 70 Community Health Centers.

The Lower Costs, More Transparency Act will do the following:

·    Extend mandatory spending for Community Health Centers, which are crucial for patients in rural and underserved areas;

·    Prevent cuts to hospitals that take care of uninsured and low-income patients;

·    Lower out-of-pocket costs for seniors who receive medication at a hospital-owned outpatient facility or doctor’s office;

·    Expand access to more affordable generic drugs;

·    And require health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to disclose negotiated drug rebates and discounts, revealing the true costs of prescription drugs.

Following the bill’s passage, Rep. Bergman commented, "The Lower Costs, More Transparency Act is a major win for our rural and remote healthcare communities. This legislation takes a major step to provide a more fiscally sound future for our children and grandchildren while providing funding for our Community Health Centers. I’m proud to see the overwhelming support this legislation received as it passed the House, and I will continue fighting for greater medical transparency and affordability for my constituents.”

Read the full text of the bill here.

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