Bergman Ready to Serve As Speaker to Save House from Continuing Dysfunction

In a statement today addressing the protracted leadership battle in the House of Representatives that has paralyzed the body, Rep. Jack Bergman (R-MI1) has announced that he is running to serve as Speaker.

"My hat is in the ring, and I feel confident I can win the votes where others could not. I have no special interests to serve; I’m only in this to do what's best for our Nation and to steady the ship for the 118th Congress.”

A retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant General, Bergman is widely respected on both sides of the aisle for his national security expertise, his grasp of the Nation’s financial crisis, and his proven ability to work with Members of both parties.

A recent opinion piece in The Hill stated, “of the 19 bills signed into law in this Congress, 3 were Rep. Bergman’s.”

Bergman served 40 years in the United States Marine Corps, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant General. He is the highest-ranking combat Veteran ever elected to the United States Congress.

Bergman is not beholden to any faction of any party, but has gained respect in Congress as a leader - within the GOP conference and also among moderate Democrats.

“The regular functioning of the federal government can’t wait on useless infighting and arguments,” Bergman stated. “What matters right now is choosing a Speaker in order to make sure that our government—and particularly our military—is funded, and that both our homeland and our critical allies are secure in this time of crisis.”

Bergman has a sterling reputation for leadership, both in the military and in Congress. He insists that strong leadership is needed right now to resolve the current funding crisis, secure our southern border, maintain support for (and provide stringent oversight of) aid to Israel and Ukraine, and band together as patriots to ensure Congress is on guard to protect our vital national interests.

According to Bergman, “What we need right now is a Speaker who has experience leading and can put ego aside to work together for the American people. We need a leader who shuns permanent power and recognizes the current crisis of leadership. I’m ready to serve. Together we can end the deadlock, and win the vote.”

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