Bergman Issues Statement on Debt Ceiling Crisis

Today, Rep. Bergman released the following statement on the debt limit following House Republican's release of The Limit, Save, Grow Act:

"The American People are fed up with politics as usual in Washington, and rightly so. Instead of working across the aisle to deliver fiscally sound results for the people, Democrats have been unwilling to come to the negotiating table with any notion of reason or responsibility. My Republican colleagues and I are laser-focused on cleaning up the mess that President Biden’s reckless spending and America-last policies have caused. From historic, untenable inflation to the skyrocketing costs of gas and basic goods and services, Congressional Democrats have let Biden lead us into a severe financial crisis.

"There’s no time, room, or money to say ‘it’s my way or the highway’ now. This is the time to put partisan antics aside and put the American people first before Biden bungles his way into our Nation’s first default in history.

"Republicans have a plan - and it’s time to protect our national security by ensuring our economic security, alleviating the pain felt at the pump, in the grocery store, and in every single community that has suffered the consequences of the Democrats’ unchecked spending sprees. The fiscal stability of our country and the future security of our children are at stake."

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