Bergman to Chair Intelligence and Special Operations Subcommittee

Today, Rep. Jack Bergman was selected to serve as Chairman of the House Armed Services Intelligence and Special Operations Subcommittee.

Bergman, retired Marine Corps Lt. General, issued the following statement:

"Our Nation is at a pivotal moment that requires serious leadership. I'm honored that Chairman Rogers has asked me to serve as the Intelligence and Special Operations Subcommittee Chairman on the House Armed Services Committee. As we face unprecedented threats from China, Iran, Russia, as well as many others who wish to do us harm, it’s imperative that Congress provides a steady hand on issues related to critical national intelligence, counter-terrorism operations, and our special operations warfighters."

House Armed Services Chairman Mike Rogers (R-AL), stated, “As a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, Rep. Jack Bergman has brought crucial experienced-backed insights to the House Armed Services Committee.” Rogers continued, “Our special forces and intelligence efforts are critical to our military’s mission to keep our nation safe. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations, Rep. Bergman will remain a valued leader on our committee – putting our national security and servicemembers first.”

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