Whether serving as a Three-Star General in the Marine Corps, carrying passengers safely from one destination to another as a pilot for Northwest, or starting his own business in the medical equipment field, Jack Bergman has always been committed to serving others. He’s always been mission- and results-motivated, and as Representative of Michigan’s First Congressional District, that means supporting policies and practices that work for Michiganders. 

Jack grew up in a small town and learned fast that living the American Dream means working hard and doing the right thing. Those are the same values that guided him during his more than 25 years in concurrent military and private industry leadership roles, and they’re the same values that are guiding him as he works for Michigan’s First District in Congress.

The Bergman family roots in Michigan run deep—as early as the 1800s, Jack’s ancestors were earning a living in the iron mines in the Upper Peninsula. After a series of moves required by his military career, Jack and his wife Cindy came back home to Michigan and settled in Watersmeet.

Jack is a Constitutional conservative who is adamant that public service should be about people and not about process. He believes that government’s role is to protect individual rights, to secure a free market economy that creates jobs and opportunities for success, and to empower “We the People”—and not politicians or special interest groups—to make decisions about their lives and livelihoods.

Jack’s first priority is serving his constituents, and he’s working hard to leave a world that is better and safer for them and for his eight grandchildren.

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